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Anchor Bay Packaging

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Anchor Bay Packaging (ABP) has been a leader in the automotive packaging industry for almost 40 years, with exponential growth since 2010. They have consistently been winning business by providing exceptional customer service, and in-housing both engineering and manufacturing services.


When we were approached by ABP to design and develop their new website, we quickly identified that their current online presence didn’t clearly outline who they were, or how their company helps their clientele. More so, the dated presence of their website (built in 2009) was a hindrance to posturing them as the innovative force they are in the packaging industry. Competitors, from a delivery and service stand-point, were beating them in the online battle - both from an employee and customer attraction standpoint.


  • Clearly convey to the end user at a moment's glance WHO ABP is and what they do.
  • Design a modern online presence to better help support them as an industry leader.
  • Develop a fully responsive website that works seamlessly across all platforms - Desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Begin building a brand that was attractive to both senior and entry-level employees.

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We hired Drive Creative Agency to design and develop the Anchor Bay Packaging website. Their team did a great job at portraying our business with professional photography, a modern design, and compelling copy that explains "who" we are and "what" we do for our customers. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Shane Reisner - Operations Manager

Anchor Bay Packaging


ABP did not have any useable photo assets, and we were not willing to settle with filling their new website with overused stock photography. Our first step was a full-day on-location photo shoot at the ABP headquarters. We were able to capture product, equipment, and lifestyle shots that would assist in our creative efforts moving forward.

We then began mapping out the vision for the website. Our end conclusion was rather simple - focus on ABP’s primary revenue generator - the development and delivery of packaging solutions for OEM’s and tier-1 automotive suppliers. This conclusion stemmed into the design of the initial homepage websites comps, which in the end branched out throughout the entire site.

Additionally, our goal was to write content that was detailed oriented enough for engineers to feel like they were receiving enough information to learn about ABP, but not so much that they had no reason to call.

In the end, we delivered ABP a web presence that was a building block for current and future branding and identity creation. Elements of the content and design that we created within the website are further utilized for sales presentations, marketing campaigns, and additional supporting marketing and sales collateral.

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