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Tower International

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Tower International (TOWR) is a publicly-traded company headquartered in Livonia, Michigan. As a Tier 1 automotive supplier, Tower International designs, engineers and produces parts and assemblies for a majority of automotive manufacturers around the world.

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Tower International was facing multiple challenges due to their website. It was difficult to attract new top-tier employee talent with an extremely dated website. In addition to this, they wanted a their company to portray in the right light to potential buyers and investors. Drive Creative was tasked with developing a new responsive website with an expedited timeline to meet these needs.

An additional logistical challenge was the development of two third party vendor portals that needed to be developed during the same time frame of the main portion of the website. These portals by NASDAQ for investor relations and SilkRoad for employment would rely on the framework designed and developed by us for their individual builds.

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a seamless responsive website experience for mobile, tablet and desktop users on all browsers.

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strong messaging aimed at attracting top-level industry talent, and appeal to the companies stock holders.

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an intuitive user experience for all users of the site - whether it be job applicants, investors, distributors and more.

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the brand with a look and feel that positions Tower International as a leading global Tier 1 automotive supplier.

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tower international website page


Our first step was planning this project out. Our deadline of March 18th, 2017 was predicated upon the fact that a large employment campaign would be launched at that time, and the new website would be a leading force behind Tower International’s recruiting efforts. To put this into perspective, the complexity of this build would normally be scoped for 24 weeks, and we had to make sure that it was completed in 14 weeks without compromising the integrity of the website, also while assisting in the development of the 3rd party portals.

tower international website page

With a plan in place, it was time to start collecting and developing assets. We provided Tower International with an overall sitemap and wireframe of the website that we could begin developing copy against. Tower International would be supplying us with useable assets for the build, so we invited key members of their team to our project process so they could begin to appropriate images. We also completed a full-day photo shoot that included portraits of their executive leadership team, portraits of selected Tower employees, and dynamic photos of their capabilities at a Michigan plant.

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Once we had assets, we went through a series of different homepage and interior page mock-ups. The three main goals for the website were attracting qualified employee talent, supporting investor relations, and showcasing the overall capabilities of Tower International. Through a highly visual humanized approach, we were able to hit all three of these goals on the website's homepage, with this overall theme being displayed throughout the website in the end.

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In the end, we succeeded in hitting Tower International’s deadline, assisted the other vendors in delivering their portions in the same time frame and surpassed their overall expectations of what their completed website would actually be. We are currently working with them in the social media arena developing campaigns and have future plans of expanding the website into additional languages to meet the needs of their facilities around the globe.

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We received approximately 5,000 more applicants from March to Dec 2017 vs 2016. The change factors between the years were the new website and for that period the social media campaign!

Dorothy Farley - Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition

Tower International

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