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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    How Our Branding Services Can Help Your Business?

    Our Branding Services

    Every company exists to serve its clients and add value to their lives. As more and more businesses are shifting online, it is getting harder to establish a credible online presence. However, having an online presence doesn’t guarantee credibility either. According to an estimate, roughly 59% of all internet buyers prefer a credible source over alternatives. If you have a business and want to establish an online presence for it, read along to find out how you can build a strong presence on the internet so that you gain the trust of your customers and engage them.

    • The very first thing you need to do is figure out what solid services you are providing to your clients. If you are selling a product, find out what problems it solves. The second part of the process involves delivering your message to your target audience. While doing so, you need to avoid using vague descriptions and always try to exploit all viable channels available to you.
    • For start-ups, the process is a little different. First, entrepreneurs should focus on building a credible foundation with their prospects. In the next phase, they should emphasize on consolidating this foundation.
    • Brand awareness is not only important for new companies and startups. It is equally important for established big companies. Often, you need to remind your stakeholders what your vision is, as well as what problems you are trying to solve.

    No matter what business life cycle you are in, be it growth, maturity, or decline, you can’t deny the importance of clearly communicating your brand message to your target audience. You should make the answers to the questions, “Why”, “How”, and “What”, publicly available at all times. As a reputable branding company, which aims to help businesses in Detroit build a strong brand image online, we are equipped with the human resource tools to help you send out the correct brand message to your prospects. The first step in the branding process is setting a strategic direction for your business. After setting this direction, we shift our attention to positioning your business in the target market. During this stage, we deploy all our resources to help you grow. Only when you have the best brand identity, strategy, marketing, you will enjoy:

    • Setting yourself apart from your competition
    • Engaging the ideal market segment for you
    • Communicating your story

    We are a branding company that offers its services to any company in Detroit, and we believe in collaborative efforts. To continue, we are certain that collaboration can help us devise solid long-term plans for your business, and in that process, we nurture loyalty, advocacy, awareness, and credibility from your target market.

    What Is Our Brand Strategy?

    Our branding services for your Detroit business focus on all the small details to give you the best effective results. Read along to learn more.

    Brand Discovery

    The first step to establishing a strong brand is first examining the gaps in the market, the needs of your target segment. And in the next step, you should focus on how you can fill those gaps. While doing so, we pay attention to the foundational values of your company. We also gather other important information about your business. This helps us understand your brand proposition better. And as a result, we can align the goals and visions of your company, together with the needs of your target audience. We define the why, the how, and the what to formulate an effective strategic direction for your brand.

    An Analysis of the Competition

    To achieve the best results, you must understand your competition. We help you analyze and make sense of your rival’s mission and vision, and how these are different from yours. We examine what digital marketing strategy your competition is using, how user-friendly their website is, and what is their broader identity. All this information helps us pave down the different dynamics for you. Once you know them, you can easily tweak the important ways in which you can beat your competition. After the successful completion of this step, you will be more aware of your potential and how to tap into it.

    Identifying the Target Audience

    You cannot expect to devise an effective marketing strategy if you don’t fully understand your customers. You need to be aware of all the important demography of your target market segment. What is the purchasing power of your target audience, what are your clients’ life goals, what is their lifestyle, and what cultural background they belong from. After we know the answers to all these questions, we can successfully build a lasting bond between you and your customers.

    Your Brand Needs a Voice

    Your brand needs a face and an identity. Brands that are merely faceless and voiceless fail to attract attention. An authentic personal touch is important. Moreover, you should pick a suitable tone for all your messages, a tone that resonates with your target market. To be successful, every brand needs to frequently engage its target audience. For the highest engagement, we will help you pick the ideal tone and voice for your brand, as well as narrow down all the viable communication channels for your business.

    Brand Messaging Matters

    Precision and conciseness are important when you are sending out a message to your audience. However, this doesn’t imply you have to leave out important parts of the message just to keep it short. You need to communicate in a way that covers all important factors of your message and incurs the highest engagement. You should focus on delivering a story that resonates with your customers, also that gets an emotional response from them. When helping you draft down an About Us page, we pay equal attention to your slogan, your mission and vision, to your brand tagline, and most importantly, to your value proposition. All the strategies you have must be reflected in your brand statement.

    Your Customers’ Journey with Your Brand

    Your target audience goes through a diverse purchasing phase, which varies from person to person. To be successful, you need to be aware of all the stages your audience encounters before finalizing a purchase. This particular information will help you position your brand more effectively, and also define your brand. Being a successful branding company that offers its services to businesses located in Detroit, we have years of experience in how to interact with the customers and how to extract the highest engagement from them. Only after you know what the most suitable marketing strategy for your business is, you can pick the best course-of-action for your company’s growth.

    To help businesses consolidate their brand identity, we offer important branding services for the highest sales and retention. Always remember: your brand identity is not limited to the font you use, the color you pick, or the graphic that goes into the logo. Your identity is more than that.

    How We Establish Your Brand’s Identity?

    Read along to see how we can help you consolidate your brand identity.

    Brand Naming

    The right brand name can take you a long way. If you can pick the right brand name for your company, you are sure to get the highest engagement from your customers and create a buzz. Suppose you have a revolutionary idea, the perfect product that solves a common problem faced by millions. You can’t expect to promote your company properly unless you have the right marketing strategy and a suitable brand name that goes with your product. Helping you to pick a brand name is one of our core services. The name will represent you, tell a story, and attract attention.

    Logo Design

    In today’s world, visual representation is as important as picking a brand name. Being a successful branding firm that now caters its services to Detroit businesses, we have a professional team of experts who can draft down the most suitable logo for your business. We can help you design a logo from scratch or upgrade your old one. In the next stage, we will focus on finalizing the right color pallet, typography, and shape that best helps to represent your brand. We will help you design a logo that defines you as a business, that represents you in front of your stakeholders, and a logo that you take pride in.

    Packaging Design

    Along with the product you sell, the package you send it in has far-fetched implications on your success. Your customers will not see the product first, but the package itself. That is why the package must also represent your brand. The package needs to be both visually appealing, as well as compatible with your product. You don’t want to use a white package that has no name on it. Also, you don’t want to use a package that fails to accommodate your product perfectly. Having a small package means some part of the product will be sticking out, which is not at all helpful for establishing a brand image. We will help you craft beautiful packages that help you with sales.

    Brand Style Guiding

    Losing touch with your brand image means your growth is hindered. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, we will help you with your brand style guiding. We stick to a pretty simple procedure for conducting band style guiding that helps your sales representatives and stakeholders recognize your brand instantly. Here is how we do the brand style guiding. First, we will note down the purpose of your brand, then move on to finalizing a logo, and after, we will use voice. Finally, we will focus on picking an identifying system for your brand.

    Website Design

    Helping you launch a website is one of our main services. In today’s world, when everyone is shifting towards online buying, you can’t afford to avoid this market segment. We will help you build a website that helps with engagement and conversion. Our team of experts emphasizes on crafting a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and responsive. No matter what device your customers use to access your website, be it tablet, mobile, or a laptop, they will not face any design or compatibility issues. Our services are tailored to suit both big companies as well as start-ups.

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