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We Are a Content Creation Firm Located in Michigan

Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    We Help You Create Engaging Web-Content

    We have an expert team of SEO copy writing professionals. We will help you write authentic and unique content for your online business website.

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    If you ask copy writing professionals, they will say online content marketing is more effective than any other form of digital marketing. In case you decide to work with us, we will help you with both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and creating engaging content for your website. Read along to learn what we are offering with our web-content services.

    But before we proceed, let us pay attention to some important content marketing facts.

    • If you’re running a small business and have a blog section on your site, you are 126% more likely to get higher leads
    • Content marketing is the second most effective lead generation tactic, and comes right after email marketing
    • Outbound marketing is 3 times less likely to generate the same results as content marketing would. On the other hand, Content Marketing is 62% cheaper than outbound marketing.

    The prerequisite to a successful online content marketing campaign is an effective online growth strategy. We will help you write SEO content for your Detroit based business.

    We take full responsibility for every aspect related to content creation. If you pick us to work for your Detroit business, we will write high-quality and engaging content for you, content that gets the most engagement from your readers.  Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

    Quality Comes Before Optimization

    Every successful business must present itself beautifully. If you have a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate and features SEO and genuine content, you are more likely to increase your online sales. To help you craft down the best content copies, we have a skilled team of writers who’s always ready to work for you.

    • Before we get going with writing content for your site, we put in the time to first understand the type of business you’re running, and what are your specific needs. This way, we are more capable of communicating your core values to your stakeholders
    • We start by examining your target audience, your brand identity, and your line of products/services. Once we know this data, we start the content creation process.
    • The only way to stay ahead is to beat your competition. We will help you understand your rivals and identify what can make you stand out from the crowd.
    • All our web-content is crafted surrounding a certain keyword. This SEO tactic helps us give you a higher ranking on search engine results.
    • Over the years, we have helped many businesses with our SEO content services. Servicing each client, we have learned something new and so, we’ve updated our SEO toolset accordingly.
    • To ensure the best results, we always stay up-to-date with all the latest SEO algorithm updates.
    • We aim to help you create high-quality content for your website. We will help you lead with your strengths and reach your business’s true potential.
    • Along with regular writing services, we are also equipped to handle urgent projects. We always prioritize delivering web-content before the deadline. Whether you need a web-content for a landing page, a documentation page, or a blog-post, we have got you covered. No matter what type of web-content we are writing, we prioritize quality over quantity.

    Our Approach to Content Writing

    Over the years, we have gathered enough insight into search engines. Moreover, we are aware of what kind of feedback to expect from the internet community for different types of content. We highly value these experiences, and we always have some take-away from them. For every writing job, we always involve our customers throughout the entire process so that their goals align with the final output.

    • We always pay extra attention to the requirements of our clients. We involve them in all the stages of completing a writing job. We always assign a content expert to every client, a person who stays in touch with you at all times.
    • Our content expert will help you understand customers’ needs and the best way to deliver them. We always tell a story and include a personal touch in all our web-content copies. You can count on us to create high-quality content that gets the highest engagement.
    • Publishing well-researched content is important. But it equally matters to ensure an ideal tone and structure for the content. Casual, or formal, we can help you create any type of content tailored to the background of your readers. Whether it is a technical piece or a business article, we have got you covered.
    • Without your approval, we will not publish a single word on your website. You can get informed about the progress of the article you’ve ordered at any time. You can also make suggestions regarding the direction of your web-content, and we will adjust the ordered article to comply with your requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority.
    We Work with B2B and B2C Brands in Every Space
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