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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    What Are Our Video Production Services?

    Grab the attention of your audience with engaging video content.

    We Will Help You Make High-Quality Video Content

    When you add video content to your digital marketing campaigns, you are increasing your chances of higher engagement and interaction. If you have a business in Detroit, you can rely on us to make the highest-quality videos for you. You might have a small project or a very big one, it doesn’t matter, we will take the time to analyze your needs and finally produce a video that delivers your brand message to your target market. We have a skilled, experienced team of video makers. They know how to approach any project. Screenwriting, shooting, editing, and production, we will take care of everything for you.

    Why Pick Us for Your Next Video Content Project?

    There are different genres of videos that come in different lengths, depending on the content. Whether you need a simple and short video that communicates the features of your product, or a large one that gives an overview of your business operations, we have got you covered. Our video team is trained and equipped with all the necessary gear to make powerful videos. We have advanced cameras, the best lights, modifiers, stabilizers, gimbals, and every other gadget needed to produce engaging videos. Also, we can handle both indoor and outdoor shoots. Our expert team of scriptwriters, directors, cinematographers, and producers know what you need. They will involve you in all the steps of video production, starting from drafting down the basic concept for the video to the entire creative process of shooting and editing. You will always know what stage we are at with your work, not to mention we handle all projects, big or small, with the same amount of professionalism.

    The Type of Video You Need

    Are you confident about the type of video you are looking for? If not, don’t worry, we will guide you. In the below section you will learn about the kinds of videos we can make for you.

    About Us

    Does your target market know who you are and what you do? What better way to introduce yourself rather than having an About Us video? We will produce for you one such video that tells your story, everything about what your product is, and how end consumers can benefit from using it. This video will place your brand in the minds of buyers, as it will feature elements of branding and will communicate your brand message or tagline to your target audience.


    In today’s age, people don’t buy from companies that do not have a proven record of social engagement. Before finalizing a purchase, a buyer will want to see how many others have bought from you, how satisfied these people are with your product. If over the years you have nurtured a loyal and satisfied user base, you can leverage their stories to attract new buyers. The video testimonial we can create for you will show the user satisfaction for your products.


    Product images help your prospective buyers get an image of what they will receive. But videos are way more effective than still images. In a video, you can show your product from many different angles, in a continuous shot. Moreover, you can also highlight its key features. Also, if you can record and show a simple demonstration of your product, this will greatly help your target audience with on-boarding.


    Even if you offer the best service, you still might find it hard to gain traction. To be successful, you need to show your audience how they can benefit from your services. Otherwise, your rivals will steal the major portion of the market segment you’re targeting. A video demonstrating your services can quickly resolve any misgiving your audience might have.

    Event and Highlights

    For a business to be successful, you need a team of talented individuals. Also, you need to make sure everyone is happy working for you. If you have a talented team and they are happy, you should show that to your target market. If people see you have a dedicated team working to make your product and services better with each version, they will feel more confident buying from you.


    An End-Of-Year celebration video is highly effective to make your target readers feel like a family. In this video, you can highlight your accomplishments, failures, and your future milestones. You can also use charts and diagrams to make the video more skim-able.

    Promo and Advertising Videos

    Are you adding a new product to your inventory? Do you believe this product can revolutionize your industry? Or do you think your next product is exactly what your target market is looking for? If you are optimistic about your new product/service, you must not make the mistake of not putting in the time and effort to promote it. Don’t expect your audience to discover your product one day by mistake, while shopping in a retail store. Starting from outreach blogs, social media posts, and ending with digital marketing campaigns, you must deploy all available channels to you. Also, to ensure high engagement, add a video to them. We will produce a video for your Facebook page, and your YouTube/Vimeo channel, a video that will introduce you to your target market.

    Explainer Animation

    Explainer videos have now become very popular. They explain a concept like a teacher does to a class. If you want an explainer video, you can rely on us to make one with the right animation and engaging script.

    Social Media

    In the twenty-first century, no business can grow if it undermines the power of social media. Social media helps businesses attract new people and retain their existing market segment. Moreover, videos for social media can help you create a buzz and gain new followers by showcasing your product and all its features.

    Landing Page/ Multiple Locations

    Do you have multiple branches spread out throughout the globe? You must then be serving a global audience. That must be hard. To make people understand what you are and what you do, you should rely on video content. If you own a business in Detroit, you can hire us to make a video that communicates your business location and the services you provide.

    How do We Make Videos?

    We are a veteran Video Production Company. We offer our services to any business operating in Detroit. To ensure premium quality videos are delivered to our clients, we have divided the entire production process into 4 distinct steps.


    Pre-Production is the first step in the entire production process. We start by looking into your requirements for the video and what message you want to communicate through it. Before we start with the actual shoot, we lay down a solid work plan. This way, we can make high-quality videos that meet your needs and follow your vision.


    We have an expert team of cinematographers. They are trained at shooting indoors, outdoors, and even in studios. No matter what you have in mind for your video, we will help you turn it into reality. Your project will be overseen by a professional in-house director who will ensure that everything happens according to the time-table.


    Post-Production is another part. In this step, we will curate all the footage we have and compile it. We will also pick the right arrangement and progression for the video, using the best video editing tools. If you have a business based in Detroit, here are our Post-Production services:

    1. Motion graphics
    2. Titles
    3. 2D and 3D animations
    4. Visual effects
    5. Voice over
    6. Sound design
    7. Music
    8. Color grading


    Delivery is the last phase. After you are satisfied with the video, how it looks, and whether it matches your vision or not, we will deliver it to you in the correct format. If you want to upload it on your YouTube channel or your social media accounts, you can do it without having to worry about technical compatibility issues.

    We Work with B2B and B2C Brands in Every Space
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