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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    What Can Our Branding Services Offer You? The Branding Services We’re Offering

    The first goal of every company is to offer something valuable to its clients and improve their lives. However, with the ever-increasing number of websites, it is harder than ever to place your product/service in a niche and brand it. Remember, merely having an online presence doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get traction. You also need to build credibility up. According to a report, 59% of all consumers pick a credible source over other available alternatives. If you want a credible online presence, we have just what you need. In the next section, you will see how we can help you build trust among your customers and increase engagement with your brand.

    • You should never make any false commitments. That’s why you should first write down the exact solutions you are offering, also how your customers can benefit from them. The next step involves communicating your message to your target audience in a meaningful way. Always avoid ambiguous words. Use concise and accurate messaging for the highest results. And you should also exploit all the communication channels available to you.
    • If you have a startup, you should focus first on establishing a credible foundation. Only when people will begin trusting you, you will see your sales increase. After you have a foundation, you can move your focus on strengthening it.
    • Along with launching a new product or service, brand awareness is equally important for big companies. Your customers should have a clear idea about what problems you are solving and how you are adding value to their lives.

    Regardless of what business stage you’re in, you can’t deny the importance of brand awareness. New companies should constantly communicate their values to their client base, whereas established companies should frequently focus on reinforcing, and if necessary, revising their brand image. Your prospects should always have the answers to “Why”, “What”, and “How”, without looking for too long. Being an experienced branding company and working with businesses in Grand Rapids, we aim to help corporations build their brand image. We have the right tactics and skilled human resources. We first help companies set a strategic direction for their businesses. Then, we focus on placing your business in the correct spot. Moreover, we leverage all available resources to help you grow as a business. The most suited strategy, brand identity and marketing ensure:

    • Distinguishing yourself from the competition
    • The connection with your target market
    • Telling your story

    We offer our proven branding strategies to any company in Grand Rapids. Our team of experts work closely with you to formulate the best branding strategies for your business. Teamwork helps us formulate effective plans that comply with your long-term goals. And as a desired by-product, we help nurture advocacy, awareness, loyalty, and credibility from your clients.

    What Brand Strategy Do We Use?

    To serve any business in Grand Rapids, we offer detail-oriented and meticulous pans that guarantee positive results. Learn more below.

    Brand Discovery

    Unlike what other branding agencies will tell you, we believe identifying the gaps in your chosen target market is the starting point to help you with brand discovery. After you know these gaps, it gets easier for you to fill them in. You know the expectations of your selected market segment. While helping you brand your company, we pay extra attention to the core values on which your business was built upon. We can devise the appropriate brand proposition for you, a proposition that complies with your company’s goals and vision. We ensure your clients can effortlessly find the answers to the “Why”, “How”, and “What” of your business.

    An Analysis of the Competition

    You can’t achieve the best results if you don’t study your competition. We help you understand how different you are from your rivals. This way, you’ll be fully aware of your shortcomings, and most importantly, your strengths. We examine the strategic direction of your competitors, what is their brand identity, how popular their website is, and what tools they are using to be at the top. Once you acquire enough data on all the above-mentioned areas, you become more capable to formulate a competitive strategy.

    Identifying the Target Audience

    Along with understanding your competitors, it is equally important to have a clear understanding of your prospects. They are the ones who are going to pay for your product. You should always gather all the important demographic characteristics about them. Don’t know what areas you should focus on? Don’t worry, we can help you. We will form a meaningful, and healthy symbiosis through which neither you, nor your customers, will incur any loss.

    Your Brand Needs a Voice

    You don’t want to represent your company as faceless and voiceless. To get attention, you must have a strong voice that resonates with your clients. A personal touch and pleasant tone can propel your promotional activities to great heights. Just like any other successful brand, you need to engage with your prospects regularly to get the best ROI. If you work with us, we will assist you to pick the right tone that suits the message you are trying to communicate, also to leverage all the available channels for maximum outreach.

    Brand Messaging Matters

    You don’t want to use long paragraphs in your promotional campaigns, as these fail to connect with your loyal customers. Always try and communicate your message in a clear manner, by using the least number of words. Engagingly communicate your message that lingers with your customers long after they receive it. We will help you draft the appropriate slogans, mission statements and USPs on your About Us Page.

    Your Customers’ Journey with Your Brand

    Before consumers make a purchase, they go through a rigorous screening process. They rationalize what they need and how much they can spend. As a company, you need to know about these different stages. Only when you are aware of your consumer’s behavior, you can aim for increasing your sales. After helping so many companies with their brand image and development, we are now offering our services to aspiring companies in Grand Rapids. We will help you pick a marketing strategy that’s in line with your goals and which connects with your customers. You can rely on us for the growth you are aiming for.

    We help businesses increase their sales and retention by offering our proven branding tactics. We have the know-how and the arsenal to propel any company that aims big. We don’t believe your brand identity is defined by the font you pick or the color you use, it is so much bigger than that.

    How We Establish Your Brand’s Identity?

    Learn more about how we help you establish a strong identity below.

    Brand Naming 

    Every successful business has a name. The name is the first thing that comes into our minds when we are asked to define a brand. We start with it. If you are yet to decide on how to call your brand, why not let us help you do it. We know what tactics to use to form the ideal name for your business, one that’s unique, easy-to-remember, and creates a buzz. Without a brand name, even if you have ground-breaking marketing solutions, you will fail to gain traction.

    Logo Design 

    Along with your brand name, your brand’s logo also helps you create an abiding impression in the minds of your clients. Being a popular branding firm, we can help businesses based in Grand Rapids pick the right logo for them. A logo can tell a story, resonate with your clients, and consolidate your brand positioning. A foreign consumer might not be able to spell out your name, but he surely can remember your logo with the least amount of effort. Whether you want to revise your current logo, or want to create a new logo from the ground up, we have got you covered. Along with helping you pick the best shapes, we will put in an equal effort into finalizing the right font and picking the right color. The final logo will represent who you are, and you will be proud to stand behind it.

    Packaging Design

    Packaging might appear as an external part of your product, but it surely is important for your business. A simple package might help you ship your product without breaking or being damaged. If you put effort into creating unique packaging for your product, you are more likely to create a strong first impression. We will help you create visually pleasant packages that represent your brand.

    Brand Style Guiding 

    Brand Style Guiding helps companies stay relevant and in touch with their customers. Our brand style guiding tactics help your clients effortlessly identify your brand. We first focus on drafting down the purpose of your brand and the problems you can solve. Then we incorporate your brand voice and tone into it. And for the last step, we pick an identifying system for your brand to add the cohesion of your brand across all channels of your business.

    Website Design 

    Apart from social media, the most common way your clients can reach you is via your website. To serve your online community of customers, we will help you craft a top-notch website that improves your sales and converts. Your site will be user-friendly and mobile responsive so that it gives you a competitive edge.

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