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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    What You Need to Know About Our Video Production Services

    Connect with your target market using engaging videos.

    We Provide High-Quality Video Content

    Video content is more effective than image and bland text content. As with each passing day the attention span for online buyers is decreasing, with video content, you can communicate more than with any other type of content, in less time too. If your business is based in Grand Rapids, you can rely on us to deliver you high-quality video content. No matter what kind of project you are working on, we can create just the right type of video for you. We will take care of script writing, video shooting, and editing for you in no time.

    Why Choose Us for Your Next Video Content Project?

    We know that depending on the business you have, your video content needs can vary. Be it small or large, or whatever genre of the video you want, we have your back. Our expert team of creative video makers will produce just the right kind of video content for you. We are equipped with high definition cameras, gimbals, lighting’s, modifiers, audio recorders, and stabilizers, as we are your one-stop solution for all your video needs. Our team of video makes includes cinematographers, editors, directors, scriptwriters, directors, and producers. Starting from drafting down the concept for your video and ending with every other stage of video production, we know what to do. You can expect the same amount of enthusiasm and excitement from us, for every project we’re working on.

    The Kind of Video You Need

    There are different kinds of video content. Being a veteran video production company, we know how to deliver just what you are looking for. Below you will see a list of types of videos we can create for you.

    About Us 

    How aware is your target segment about you? An About Us video will help you communicate your business’s purpose, your vision and mission, services, and why you are the best out there in the market. After seeing such a video, your target audience will have a clear idea about your business identity. A branding video can send out your brand message to your target audience more efficiently.


    If you think having a breakthrough product can surely sell, you are completely wrong. You might not be able to reach your sales quota if you rely on traditional marketing efforts only. In today’s world, to get more conversion, you need to leverage your social proof. What ratings and reviews you are receiving from your existing customers will help you attract new people. When it comes to online buying, credibility is a big issue. No one will buy from you unless they find you trustworthy and legit. And what better way to build that trust rather than showing the positive reviews from your happy customers in a Testimonial video?


    In recent years, 360-degrees pictures of products have gained much popularity. Starting with Amazon and every other big retailer, these giants all have a product gallery that contains pictures of their products from different angles. But what is more effective than a photo gallery? A video, of course, as it can showcase your product from all possible angles even better. Moreover, a video demonstration of your product will also help people visualize what you have to offer and how it can be of use to them. A Product video is always sure to increase your conversion.


    Are you struggling to tap into your target market, despite having the best service in town? Well, it is not your fault. There are so many rivals out there. But to stand out, you can leverage the power of video content. Let us make for you a video that highlights your services.

    Event and Highlights 

    Do you go out at many office hangouts? If you do, you must have a healthy work environment. And this might surprise you but collaborating with a happy team helps boost the credibility of your business. When people see you have a dedicated team of talented individuals working for you, they consider you to be more legit.


    An End-Of-Year video is a great way to reflect on your past year’s performance. What new milestones did you hit, what products did you launch, what failures you had, these are all important. In an End-Of-Year video, you can highlight all such moments, as well as your plans for the next year. We will add the right visuals, charts, and diagrams to tell your story.

    Promo and Advertising Videos

    Have you been developing a new product? To make it successful and penetrate your target market, you must put in the effort and money to create a hype first. Unless you fail to create that anticipation, your product will not get the traction you are looking for. We will help you create promo and advertising videos for your blogs, digital marketing campaigns, and social media posts. You can use the video on your Landing Page, on your YouTube channel, or use it with Facebook Ads.

    Explainer Animation 

    Don’t expect your buyers to be fully aware of their own needs. To get the hype for your product, you first need to explain what problem it solves. Explainer videos are a great way to educate your target market about a certain concept. We will help you do that using the right animation and story line.

    Social Media

    How seriously are you taking your social media fan base? Over the years, they have perhaps created a big online community.  Having a strong online presence is a must if you want to reach the mass community. Using videos on your social media accounts, you can attract new customers and encourage them to learn more about your product. Besides, before any product launch, you can use social media platforms to create a buzz.

    Landing Page/ Multiple Locations 

    Do you have a website? If yes, you must have all your business details on it, so your target market should not have to look far to learn where your offices are, what your products and services offer, and what your business goals are. Rely on us to make a video that tells your target market all about your business and more.

    The Process of Video Making We Follow

    We are a reputed video production company that provides its services to all businesses in Grand Rapids. You should know we follow a pre-planned work blueprint for every video we make. Below you will find how we do our job.


    The entire process begins with Pre-Production. We will first ask you about your video needs and what you have in mind. We will then incorporate what we’ve found out into a big plan that includes all the necessary milestones. After we have the schedule, we will start with the production phase. Our video production services are the best of their kind and come at a moderate rate.


    In the production phase, we will separately shoot every footage we need for your video. You can rely on us for indoors, outdoors, and studio shoots. Throughout the entire production stage, a director will oversee that everyone is sticking to the deadline.


    The Post-Production phase mainly consists of editing. Our team of expert editors will assemble all the footage and edit it using the best video editing tools out there. If your business is in the Grand Rapids, you can rely on us to make a high-quality video for your every need. Check below for our post-production services.

    1. Motion graphics
    2. Titles
    3. 2D and 3D animations
    4. Visual effects
    5. Voice over
    6. Sound design
    7. Music
    8. Color grading


    Only when you are happy with the video, we will finalize and deliver it. Moreover, in this delivery stage, we will send you the correct video format that you can directly upload to your website, YouTube channel, or Facebook Page.

    We Work with B2B and B2C Brands in Every Space
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