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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    Grand Rapids is an excellent place to do business, but there’s nothing like a well-built website to reach audiences throughout Michigan and even internationally. Before you select a web design company, however, you should understand what it takes to build a meaningful online presence that establishes your brand and generates sales.

    What a Good Website Design Can Do for Your Grand Rapids Based Business

    While the look and feel of your website definitely plays a huge role in providing a good customer experience, there’s much more to making sure it contributes to the success of your business. In particular, your website should also fulfill these objectives:

    • Showcase Your Brand – Your business website will be your company’s official online presence. It should work to establish your brand, showcase your offerings, and connect with your audiences.
    • Enable Search Engine Visibility – The content and development of your business website should satisfy SEO requirements so that it appears at the top of relevant search results.
    • Foster Link Building – Your business website should have relevant content that other websites would want to link to and, consequently, drive more targeted traffic to your site.
    • Ensure Responsiveness & Usability – Your business website should provide a good shopping experience to individuals of all abilities, no matter their chosen device.
    • Achieve maximum conversions – A well-made website generates more sales not only because of better online visibility but also because it is optimized for conversions.

    Essential Web Design Services for Your Grand Rapids Based Business

    The success of a business website is the result of getting several critical elements right. Make sure you work with a company with a complete roster of services to maximize your chances of success. Specifically, look for full service digital marketing agencies that can competently handle:

    • Ecommerce-Specific Design – Designing a website for online businesses involves an entirely different set of skills from static or blog design. Depending on your chosen platform, you might even need someone experienced in WordPress or Shopify.
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – When your website is optimized for conversions, it’s essentially a sales generation machine.
    • Internal & External SEO – Being visible on search engines when people search for relevant terms will make sure you reach your target market.
    • Web Hosting Package – Your web design partner should be knowledgeable enough in web hosting solutions to advise you on your best options.
    • Web Maintenance – Every business website needs maintenance and management in order to guarantee security, performance, and adherence to the latest web standards.
    • Web Performance & Data Analysis – Data on how your website is performing and being used needs to be constantly monitored. That data will help determine improvements that can potentially improve sales as well as your customers’ experiences.
    • ADA Compliance – Familiarity with and adherence to the Americans With Disabilities Act allows you to provide excellent online experiences to users of all abilities.
    • Content Preparation – All the content in your website should serve a purpose and should support your overall goal of building your brand and generating sales.
    • Multimedia Production – Well-made videos and other rich media are incredibly effective in boosting engagement, demonstrating product features, and promoting your brand.
    • Logo Design – With a proper logo, you’ll have a symbol that encompasses your entire brand identity, personality, and values.

    Why Choose Drive’s Superior Web Design Service

    There might be several website design companies based in Michigan with offerings that seem similar to one another. Here’s how Drive Creative stands out not just as a web design agency but a full service digital marketing company:

    Website Design Solutions

    At Drive Creative, we find the best solution for your brand in accordance with your business goals and budget. You can be assured that your website will be customized specifically for your brand and thoughtfully designed to maximize engagement with your target audiences and achieve the highest conversion rates possible.

    Client-Focused Attitude

    Despite our expertise in web design, we recognize that you know your business best. We’ll take our cues from you and also develop our solutions to best suit your internal processes and ideal level of participation.

    Collaborative Methodologies

    Your website’s success depends on not only our expertise, but also your participation. We involve you in every step of the web design and development process to make sure we keep everything in line with your objectives.

    Indisputable Expertise

    We take pride in the role we’ve played in the success of clients from various industries in Grand Rapids and all across Michigan. Our portfolio is filled with businesses that have thrived because of our thoughtful and purposeful web design.

    Full Service Expertise

    For us, website creation isn’t just about design and development. It is also about ensuring that this valuable web asset is visible in search engines as well as drives sales. Beyond that, we offer our expertise in content creation and a host of other online marketing services to help you build your brand and succeed online.

    You can be confident in the growth of your Grand Rapids business when you select a Michigan-based web design service with proven expertise in driving eCommerce success. Open up your brand to new possibilities by calling us at (248) 579-9972 today.

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