How to Attract & Retain the Right Employees

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Recruiting truly stellar employees is a huge challenge. Anyone can throw up a job posting and hear from qualified candidates, but drawing in talent that genuinely believes in your mission and fits your culture is a whole different ball game.

Businesses make or break depending on the quality of their employees. So how do you hire the all-stars that go the extra mile and put in outstanding work, day-in, day-out?

Many people think recruiting is all about salaries, benefits, or even fun little flourishes like bean bag chairs or office slides. That’s totally missing the point.

Don’t get me wrong – obviously pay matters and everyone wants good a good healthcare plan. These are essential, but if you want to attract real winners, you have to do more. To beat the competition in attracting the cream of the crop, you have to have an awesome culture and let people know about it.

For as much as people love money, they also love doing work that’s important. People might join your company for the money, but they’ll stay for the culture. People apply to (and stay at) jobs where they believe they’re doing something that matters and makes a difference in the world. Your job is to communicate why your work matters to candidates. So how do you send that message?

Highlight Why It’s Important to Work For Your Company

You probably already know why your company’s work is significant, but does your audience? While aspects of your culture may permeate your social media and company collateral, your website is truly the hub of your company culture. Keeping this in mind, you should make it loud and clear on your site how your work helps people and makes a difference in the world. Let prospective employees know that they have a chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves at your organization.

Highlighting your mission, values, etc. is a great place to start. Clearly showcase why someone will enjoy and care about a job at your company beyond their paycheck.

Get Your HR Department Involved

Your HR employees are basically like salesman for your company – they’re selling the experience of working at your company to prospective hires. Have a meeting to make sure they’re on the same page and ready to make a convincing sales pitch to applicants.

Take your time with this. You might even want your sales experts to do a little coaching. Your HR workers are ambassadors for your company and could be a candidate’s very first impression – you want to catch their attention with a convincing message about your mission or values.

Show Off Current Employees

Posting pictures, videos, and even testimonials or interviews with current employees on your website is a great way to give candidates an inside look at the company. Employee testimonials lend authenticity to anything you say about your culture and highlight why people enjoy working there.

On a different note, you can spotlight employees that are similar to the type of people you’re looking to hire. For example, if you want to hire people with 3-5 years of experience in a particular role, you can show off pictures or videos of 25-30 year old employees at your office so that candidates can better picture themselves at your company.

Going one step further, you can utilize social media and Google Ads to target a specific audience. On these channels, you can craft a message that’s tailored to professionals in a certain industry or with a specific skill set. With this approach, we can guarantee you’ll make an impression on the candidates you’re looking for.

If You’ve Got the Right Culture, You Just Need to Tell the Right Story

If you’re reading this article, odds are you already have a rock solid culture. Your current employees enjoy working at your company, but you’re just having a hard time hiring more good people. If that’s the case, then rest assured that it’s probably a communication problem. You’ve got all the right ingredients in place…you just need to show that off to the world.

Want to chat more about branding, company culture, and how to hire the right people? Give us a call today to talk with us further about how to snag those all-star employees.

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