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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    What Can We Do for Your Brand?

    Our Branding Services

    A loved and well-known brand is highly valuable for any company. As a matter of fact, over 59% of shoppers prefer to buy only from reputable brands. Below, we explain how your brand can become really attractive to and engage with the right audience.

    • Identify what you can promise to your customers. It’s very important that you clearly and cohesively transmit your message to your clients, also across all possible channels.
    • In case you happen to run a startup, then you’re in the position of creating your brand’s foundation and sending the right message on your audience.
    • If on the contrary, your company is well established, you need to look at the experiences your customers have had with your brand and work to deepen your brand’s identity, also the strategy of promoting your brand.

    It doesn’t matter the phase you’re in with your brand, just keep in mind that you have the how, the why and what. All we need to do is bring these things to the surface and show the real value of your brand by creating the perfect strategic direction for your company to take in order to have a defined place in the market and your business to grow in the long run. The best brand strategy, marketing and identity design will have your business:

    • Differentiating itself from the competitors
    • Targeting the right audience
    • Communicating your story in a consistent manner

    Furthermore, we’ll talk about our branding services and what they can do for your brand to gain trust, awareness, advocacy and loyalty.

    What Does Our Brand Strategy Involve?

    Discovering the Brand

    Brand strategy wouldn’t be possible if we wouldn’t dive deep into finding out everything there is to know about how your business works and its model. In the discovery sessions that we perform, we brainstorm and gather requirements so that we have a  clear vision when it comes to understanding the purpose of your business. In other words, we’re defining the why, what and how for your brand identity and strategic direction to be aligned with your business’s goals and customers’ needs.

    Analyzing the Competition

    If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, you need to know what other brands you’re in competition with are all about. This is why our analysis of your competitors is so important. We perform bench-marking of competitor brands, so when it comes to the identity of their brand, their digital marketing strategy, website experience and many other things, we understand the landscape of the vertical that you’re in. By doing so, we can see your opportunity windows and the most important differentiators that could put your brand in a more advantageous spot.

    Targeting the Audience

    When you know how to define your customers and can understand them, you can then create the perfect message and marketing strategy for your brand. We can help you identify your target audience according to demographics, after which we develop precise buyer personas based on your clients’ motivations, values, lifestyle and many other factors. All in all, we put you in contact with the people whom you want to communicate with about your brand.

    Giving a Voice to Your Brand

    People are always looking for authentic brands and want to be addressed in the right manner. Therefore, you need to know what tone to use with your prospective customers. Brands need a unique communication style that’s practiced consistently. We can help you find your brand’s voice and communication style while presenting your personality and point of view. Besides, we can show you how to develop the tone you need to use when presenting your brand, depending on the message that you want to send and your targeted audience.

    Brand Messaging

    The message sent by your brand needs to be impactful, concise and to capture the entire essence of what you have to offer, as well the value that you can provide. Your story has to get the attention of your audience to have people giving your brand some sort of emotional feedback. We can create a slogan, tagline, a mission statement or the value propositions for your website’s About page. All your brand statements will permit you to use the same playbook when trying to define your strategies and tactics that can help your business grow.

    The Journey Your Customers Are Taking with You

    It’s important that you understand everything about the most important stages of the journey that your customers are taking when interacting with your brand. These stages gain awareness of what products or services that you offer. In this entire cycle, we can identify the best guiding principles, calls to action and tactics for you to adopt in order to make your customers’ journey more enjoyable. If you have a map of this journey, you can further define your marketing strategies and develop appropriate content for every stage of growing your business and making important decisions. This is what helps you have more retention and sales.

    All the branding services presented above are critically important when it comes to building a brand that’s supposed to last in time. They can be more important than graphics, fonts and colors.

    Establishing a Brand Identity

    Naming Your Brand

    Good brand names start interesting conversations and invite those who interact with them to take action. Perhaps you have a great business idea, or maybe the products or services you’re offering are of the highest quality. However, there’s nothing you can do about promoting all that you’re holding if you don’t have an appropriate brand name. We can help name your brand according to what represents you the most, also according to what’s needed for your business to grow and expand.

    Designing a Logo

    Brand identity needs to be recognizable. Creative people can create sketches of how your logo should look like, after which you can move forward with refining the initial logo. The final logo should be used for all your marketing and other branding processes. We can do all this for you, not to mention we’ll make sure to use the colors, icons and typography that represent your business the most.

    Packaging Design

    Your product may be stellar, but if it doesn’t come in a package to match its usability or aesthetics, you can completely fail selling it. According to your brand guidelines, you can trust us to design the packaging that represents your brand the most, also that connects with customers by making a great first impression. We offer simple packaging design solutions and come up with the clearest concepts that anyone can understand and is usually amazed at.

    The Guide for Your Brand Style

    Your branding has to be used all the time when it comes to communication and moving ahead. The brand style guiding services we’re offering pack everything you need to know about your branding, not to mention they’re easy to understand and to scale. All your employees and vendors can look at them and see what’s needed for them to do in order to remain aligned with your business needs. What we’re exactly doing when it comes to the guide for your brand style is documenting your brand purpose, your business’s identity system, your logo and voice, and other brand identity applications across different areas.

    Designing the Website

    A website design should be simple, clean, fresh and easily converts. What’s most important when it comes to conversion and lead generation on websites is that visitors are helped to achieve their goals rapidly and in an efficient manner. We can create the greatest user experience for your site, yet without forgetting to focus on the goals and values of your business. Besides, our web development and design are responsive, not to mention easy to access from both mobile and desktop devices. It doesn’t matter if you need a website for a small business or an e-commerce platform, we can deliver something that offers the most amazing user experience.

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