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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    How to Choose a Pay-per-Click (PPC) Marketing Agency

    PPC marketing agencies use their accumulated knowledge and experience in pay-per-click advertising to achieve the highest returns on investment (ROIs) for their clients. But with so many digital marketing companies claiming expertise in this field, how do you choose the right partner for your business?

    Engaging the services of a pay-per-click marketing agency means entrusting another company with your campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other digital advertising platforms. It’s critical that you understand at least the basics of how pay-per-click advertising works before you select a PPC agency. Only then will you know what to consider in order to make the right choice.

    What is PPC Marketing?

    PPC marketing is a strategic way to use pay-per-click advertisements to drive traffic to your website. As its name suggests, this digital marketing medium allows you to incur costs only when a user clicks on your advertisement. Campaigns of this nature can be launched on practically all internet platforms, including search engines, social networks, and millions of blogs and websites.

    In search engines and their affiliated networks, PPC advertising involves a bidding process. You select keywords that are relevant to your business and set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for each. A complex algorithm then decides when to display your ads and how much you will actually pay for each click. On the other hand, other platforms have predetermined costs per click but allow you to set a maximum budget so you can manage your expenses.

    Although this is a simplified explanation of what pay-per-click advertising is, it gives you a good idea of what it involves. Running a successful PPC marketing campaign requires intensive keyword planning and an excellent bidding strategy. Beyond that, it involves the insightful development of landing pages to yield the highest possible conversion rates. After all, what’s important is not how much you paid for a click but how much that visit contributes to your revenues.

    Why Choose PPC Marketing Over SEO?

    Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a number of tactics that allow you to “earn” your website’s visibility in search engine results pages. In turn, you get free traffic to your website, which you’ll continue to get with minimal upkeep. The problem with SEO is that it typically takes a few months for your effort to bear fruit.

    On the other hand, pay-per-click advertising essentially allows you to buy instant web traffic. You get the visits you need as soon as you set up your campaign. But while PPC marketing isn’t the long-term marketing solution that SEO can be, it is sometimes the better option if you need immediate results. It is especially useful for new businesses or those looking to promote time-sensitive offers. Additionally, PPC ads on search engines appear above organic results. So, it’s also an excellent way to dominate search results for specific keywords.

    Why Work With a PPC Marketing Agency?

    Generally, entrusting your pay-per-click marketing campaigns to an agency allows you to capitalize on the expertise of PPC specialists. More specifically, they ensure higher returns from your advertising spend by providing the following services:

    • Keyword Research – Determining the best keywords to appear for not just at the onset but throughout the campaign.
    • Ad Creation – Crafting effective advertisements that will yield the highest engagement rates.
    • Landing Page Development – Ensuring that landing pages are optimized to convert the traffic received from pay-per-click ads.
    • A/B Testing – Systematically comparing the effectiveness of different versions of an ad to determine which communication strategies work best.
    • Remarketing Campaigns – Reconnecting with audiences that have previously shown interest in your brand.
    • Mini Campaigns – Developing additional campaigns to target specific locations or focus on specific products or services.
    • Custom Reporting – Presenting results of your PPC campaigns in ways that are relevant to your business and highlighting actionable data points.

    What to Look for in a Pay-per-Click Marketing Service

    On the surface, most PPC marketing agencies seem like they offer practically the same services. But it’s essential that you dig deeper into their offerings before you sign into an agreement. Here are specific things you should ask about to help you make the best choice:

    • Dedicated Specialist – Will a PPC specialist be assigned to you? Ideally, you’ll get a dedicated expert capable of developing effective strategies and implementing them on your behalf.
    • Client Focus – Does the agency understand your business? They should be willing to develop a custom strategy based on your specific goals and expectations.
    • Client Involvement – How hands-on do you need to be? Of course, your involvement is necessary on the onset, but how much work are you expected to do throughout the campaign?
    • Transparency – How do they engage you throughout the campaign? Find out how they report not just results but also how they use your budget and how they run your campaign. You should be able to check in anytime, take a look at what they’re doing, and give your insights.
    • Experience – Do they have a proven track record? Ask them about what they’ve done that’s similar to what you require. If they can prove their experience in your industry, even better!
    • Pricing Structure – How are they compensated for their work? Your ad budget is separate from the agency’s fees. Check whether they take a percentage of your ad spend, charge flat management fees, or work on commission.
    • Contract Duration – How long are you required to work together? Avoid long-term commitments that will lock you in despite poor performance. Find agencies that rely on their results and not legal agreements to keep your business.
    • Ownership – Who owns the assets developed throughout the contract? You should own all PPC accounts, advertisements, and landing pages developed for your business. Everything should be turned over to you should you decide to work with another PPC marketing agency, manage your pay-per-click advertising in-house, or stop using this medium altogether.

    Hiring an agency for your PPC management requirements could mean more efficient spending and a higher return on your investment. But, it’s essential that you select the right partner that isn’t just knowledgeable in pay-per-click advertising but will also work closely with you to meet your specific business goals. By entrusting your search engine marketing and social media advertising campaigns to the right PPC agency, you leave traffic generation to the experts so you can focus on other aspects of running your business and generating revenues.

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