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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    Good SEO Is Essential When Growing Your Business

    Since most people nowadays are relying on the internet when looking for products, businesses and services, it’s very important for your brand or business to appear in the first pages of search engines. If you don’t use the keywords that matter in your website, you’re missing out on leads. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a business to grow. Without proper SEO, marketing plans for products or services become pointless. It’s good SEO that brings qualified leads and sales.

    Why Are Our SEO Services the Best?

    There are many things that make our SEO services the best. Paying great attention to what the customer wants and being transparent when reporting, we’re a team of dedicated of SEO experts that deliver only the best results.

    Customers Get What They Want

    We give great importance to what our clients want. This means we know customers have their own voice and need their business to reflect what their work or product means. Just like John Spence said in his book Awesomely Simple, businesses differentiate themselves from competitors through sustained innovation and “extreme customer focus”.

    Transparent Reports

    While other SEO companies out there prefer to not reveal what they’re doing and their methods, we offer full transparency, so our customers see the efforts we’re investing into increasing their online income. Here are the reporting measures we’re taking with each project:

    • Offering access to a 24/7 online portal for clients
    • Providing Google Analytics reports on how the customer’s sites are performing when it comes to SEO
    • Updating keyword rankings records regularly
    • Sending monthly reports on what SEO tasks have been performed and how many hours monitoring a site’s ROI have been spent
    • Video summaries sent every month by the client’s assigned SEO specialist. These videos review the monthly SEO strategy and the improvements
    • Providing SEO specialized support by phone or email so that the client has any question answered

    A Team of Dedicated SEO Experts

    Making the technical and complex internet marketing process understandable is one of our main priorities. Our SEO experts are always in contact with customers. They know what each business and project is all about, with both in and outs, not to mention they understand the unique needs of every client. In other words, we play the role of an outsourced online marketing department for all the businesses that collaborate with us.

    What Is SEO?

    An acronym for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the process through which traffic from free or organic Google, Bing and other search engines’ results is being gained. When a SEO company takes care of a website, it has it ranking higher in results of these search engines. What we do is start with a target keywords list, after which we research the keywords and determine which ones are the most relevant according to the search volume and the website’s competition. After, we start link building and creating SEO-friendly content. All this brings more traffic and thus many leads to any website.

    What SEO Services Are We Offering?

    Keyword Research and Developing a Strategy

    We assign a dedicated SEO expert to every client. This specialist reviews the keywords that the customer’s website is ranking for, makes a keyword wishlist, and performs keyword research in order to build a relevant list for that website. This gives any business a better chance at growing in a very competitive environment such as the online one.

    Content Writing

    Our team of writers produces SEO-friendly content for any website. Whether product pages need more content or pre-existing blog posts and articles have to be optimized, we can do it. Content is very important when it comes to SEO, as search engines rank higher the websites being updated with new content on a regular basis.

    Technical SEO

    The rankings contribute to the optimization of a website’s back-end. For example, they improve the pagespeed. Websites need to be error-free as far as SEO goes. This has the search engines ranking them better, which in return, brings more leads and customers. We make sure our technical SEO is flawless.

    Link Building

    In order to rank higher in search results, websites also need backlinks, and not just any links. We have the best link building team. Our customers’ sites are connected only to the highest-quality and relevant other sites.

    We Only Do White-Hat SEO

    Being a digital marketing company that offers complete services, we also only do white-hat SEO, which is future-proof and reliable. This is what we have to offer:

    • Custom SEO Strategy, meaning we customize the services we’re providing according to the customer’s needs. Our tactics have a noticeable impact, regardless of how unique a business may be
    • In-depth market and keyword research
    • Thorough evaluation on what the competition has to bring
    • Organic SEO services that bring long-term results and even paid ads for those interested in PPC
    • Onsite SEO, which includes everything from content creation to title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions and internal linking
    • The best copywriting for our clients’ website content to remain fresh and to receive return traffic
    • Detailed link building done by hand on high authority domains
    • Syndicating social media and news outlets articles
    • Data tracking and Google Analytics in order to learn from traffic, trends and others

    Agile SEO

    The methods we’re using have been proven to be the most effective and efficient when it comes to obtaining the highest quality results. This is because they’re Agile SEO methods. Here’s what Agile SEO involves:

    • Discovering
    • Analyzing
    • Strategizing
    • Executing
    • Measuring
    • Reporting
    • Adjusting

    Our Ethics

    We’re committed to honesty and take full responsibility for every project we’re working on. When SEO companies don’t work the same way we do, it’s usually their clients who pay the price for their mistakes. We provide SEO and internet marketing services to any business that needs to achieve higher rankings, to have better traffic, conversion, and a positive ROI for its website. Besides, we’re always available to answer our customers’ questions about our SEO strategy and what needs to be done further.

    We Work with B2B and B2C Brands in Every Space
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