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Aleva Stores was founded in 1957 with humble beginnings as a single-location prosthetic fabrication business in Pontiac, Michigan. Over the last 60 years, the same family that started the business has grown the company to an eCommerce juggernaut in the orthopedic sock space.

aleva stores father and son


During Alevas growth, they had spent intimate attention on growing and promoting each of their individual orthopedic sock brands without a real focus on building the Aleva brand itself. This was a conscious decision made by ownership and the strategy was correct, at the time.

However, the CEO at Aleva had bigger plans and needed to start leveraging the Aleva brand to help with other strategic opportunities. Drive Creative Agency was hired to design a new corporate website that would better showcase Alevas history in the marketplace and their opportunities for employment growth within their organization.

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  • Produce a company story video to showcase the tradition, legacy, and excellence of Aleva Stores.
  • Design a modern website aesthetic to appeal to new potential employees and partners.
  • Create an interactive timeline on the website to showcase the company’s history.
  • Interview the client to better understand their winning culture and permeate this messaging throughout the website.
mobile view of the aleva story page


In the end, we created a dynamic and modern website for Aleva Stores that articulated their company’s culture, unique business model, and the story of their family’s legacy. The video we produced features interviews of the current CEO and his father, the previous CEO. Their back-and-forth dialogue, articulating the same story, gave an extremely interesting view of both of their mindsets in the business, how the company has evolved, and how they worked together to make it successful.

The interactive timeline we built on the website also helped showcase the company’s long history. We were fortunate enough that our client had black and white team photographs from the 50’s when the company was first founded which added the essence of realism and relatability to the timeline we designed.

A good portion of the work that we performed was to showcase the company culture at Aleva Stores and their more recently founded agency, Retail Bloom. The goal here was to attract job seekers. Previous to us working together, the organization had recently purchased and remodeled a second facility across the street to house additional business operations. This space was a modern and trendy open floor working environment which assisted in visually capturing the progressive culture they had created.

"Dan and Corey were great! They were responsive, hit deadlines and exceeded our expectations. Thanks Drive!"

Derek Gaskins Owner, Aleva Stores
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