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Big Water Technologies


Big Water Technologies is a full service IT firm located in Southfield.

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Big Water’s previous website was dated and did not represent them as a technology leader in the space. This was a large hindrance since they offer clients start-of-the-art technology as both a product and a service. The website also did not convey the size of their team or the full level of services and capabilities that they provide.

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  • Design a contemporary responsive web environment that positioned the brand as leaders in technology.
  • Craft copy that would resonate with both C-level decision makers and IT professionals alike.
laptop home page section


The company contains of some of the most advanced IT minds in SE Michigan, so we decided to focus the websites homepage design on Big Waters team. In addition to this, we built out key staff profiles on the website to help legitimize the experience and strength of the people at Big Water. It was our conclusion early on that the true differentiator at Big Water Technologies is their people; professional, intelligent, and determined to provide their clients with the best solutions available.

There were previous inconsistency and confusion in the products and services that Big Water sold. We solved this issue by breaking their offerings into two different sections; managed services and other services. This assists in helping the end-use find what they are looking for in the most succinct manner.

The new website humanized the brand, making it more approachable for consumers to do business with. The website also now portrays Big Water as a technology leader in it’s space, with clearly defined service and product offerings that differentiate them from their competitors. Overall, Big Water was given more than a new website; they were given a tool to help build their brand and showcase their experience and strength as an organization, resulting in increased client acquisition.

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