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Schwab Industries is a multi-million dollar manufacturing company located in Shelby Township, MI. They specialize in multiple manufacturing disciplines, from low-run production to aerospace tooling.

schwab industries


In 1984, Schwab Industries opened its doors as a prototyping and low-run production supplier. As the business evolved, so did their capabilities. Schwab began working with aerospace clients on their tooling needs and developing check fixtures for major OEM supplies.

schwab industries

The company grew, and the brand messaging remained stagnant. Schwab was having issues portraying their vast skill set and service offerings and was still only thought of as a prototype shop in the industry. Schwab approached us to help correct this identity crisis, and create a digital presence that showcased their even-keeled disciplines through their multiple capabilities.

schwab industries

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WHY you should hire Schwab for Aerospace tooling, and more

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a new website to better portray this new message

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a company overview video that explains their history, expertise, and capabilities

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the organization with professional photography done of the facility

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The design of the new website broke their traditional mold. We intentionally put a large focal point of their new website on aerospace tooling, as their research indicated this was their largest potential area for growth. Below the fold, we designed visual capability tiles that showcase and click through to each of their disciplines. Check the site out yourself for more information on the UI/UX of the development.

schwab industries website on mobile

Video production was a huge success. This video is displayed on the homepage of their website, and utilized by the sales team in client engagement pitches to better articulate the company overall.

schwab industries video clip

Dynamic photography gave the website a very modern look and feel, which was a goal of ours. When people think of manufacturing, often dark or dreary thoughts come to mind. We wanted to make sure to boast the size, safety, cleanliness, and friendliness of the Schwab culture for the world to see.

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In the end, the new identity of Schwab clearly reached the goals of articulating, “Hey, we’re A LOT more than just a prototype house.” This rebranding will assist in positioning this company for growth for years to come and gain a better understanding of their capabilities within their market.

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