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Siemens is an international technology company with over 300,000 employees worldwide. They have many different divisions, including their Food and Beverage division that we work with located in Troy, MI.

siemens x founders craft brewing social media ad


In 2019, Siemens had signed up to be a major sponsor at the annual Craft Brewers Conference. A last minute decision was made that Siemens would like to create a promotional video to promote their presence at the show prior to attendance.

One of Siemens’ local craft brew customers, Founders, would be hosting a party for Siemens one week prior to the event. This was identified as a great opportunity to shoot a customer testimonial at their brewery while showcasing some of the technology Siemens incorporated, as well as showcasing some of the Siemens Food and Beverage team.

The challenge for Drive Creative Agency – we were given 48 hour notice to clear our schedules and prepare for an impromptu shoot at Founders Brewery.

siemens x founders craft brewing social media ad


  • Discuss with Siemens the exact technical nature in which they assisted Founders production so we could wrap our heads around the story.
  • Create interview questions prior to the shoot that would help guide our interviewees in telling the right story about how Siemens helps their customers.
  • Stage areas within Founders to be video ready prior to production.
  • Prepare our team for a quick post-production edit to have the video ready for the client to promote their event within 24 hours of finishing the shoot.


As mentioned, this was an extremely quick turn around time to go from decision to shoot. Typically when producing a video, we are given 1-3 month to prepare at a minimum. In this unique opportunity, we were given 48 hours. Since time was of the essence, we started with clearing our video team calendars for the next 2 days to prepare and produce, and the following 2 days after the shoot for post-production editing.

We arrived at Founders prior to the shoot time to ensure the areas that we would be interviewing the team members would suffice and were properly prepped. With a little bit of luck and skill, we were able to help our interviewees during the shoot remain focused and give terrific insight into how Siemens helped Founders in their explosive growth and scalability. Interviews can also be difficult and risky since these aren’t professional actors, they’re just ordinary people with a brand story to tell. However, all parties were on the same page and the footage and sound quality turned out phenomenal.

After the shoot, we rushed back to our office to begin working on post production. We were able to provide Siemens with an approved edited footage within 24 hours of finishing the shoot. To add icing on the cake, we were able to help Siemens employ a paid advertising strategy on LinkedIn that was targeted to registered attendees and potential customers.

From being asked to shoot, to finishing the video and promoting a laser targeted LinkedIn ad strategy – we pulled this all off for Siemens within roughly a 72-hour window. We do not strive to work under the gun, but when needed, we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients when they are in need!

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