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TRICO is the largest manufacturer of windshield wiper blades in the world. They’re widely used by drivers, but not widely recognized by them. That’s because TRICO sells predominantly to OEMs — the people who build cars. Cars come stocked with sets of TRICO wiper blades without consumers ever knowing.

With a push to consumer markets on the horizon, TRICO needed a campaign that would reach car owners and drive sales in retail outlets.

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While TRICO has focused, and won, with OEMs, their competitors have succeeded in earning brand recognition with everyday drivers.

To beat out the competition and earn a slice of that brand awareness, TRICO needed to stand out in the category while remaining true to the brand guidelines that have gotten them this far down the road.

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We needed an idea that could live in TRICOs timeless brand while feeling new and fresh, a simple platform that was emotional rather than technical—something with which consumers could make an instant connection.

We rejected industry tropes (like fear-mongering and discount flag-flying) and opted for the most timeless tool of all: emotional storytelling.

As a team, we were drawn to the emotional moments that happen in the car. From the smiles on the first day of school to sight-seeing on family road trips, TRICO delivers clarity that makes meaningful moments safe and possible.

From this insight, we surfaced our platform: “Never Miss A Moment.”


Modern brands meet modern consumers across many touchpoints, and our idea needed to work across all of them. We measured “Never Miss A Moment” against every relevant medium—radio, social media, online video, and more.


Once we ensured our idea could work across all mediums, we tested it on actual consumers. Earning real-time feedback from potential customers helped us to sharpen the creative and shape it further.


We used what we heard from customers to modify the creative and strengthen our ideas.


A message only matters if it meets the right person at the right time. That’s why we collaborated with our client and their media partners to ensure each execution reached potential consumers at the right moment.


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Trico banner ad by drive creative


As early as copy testing, we measured an increase in the consumer’s perceived value of TRICO products.

We attribute this increase to a platform that successfully resonated with drivers — establishing TRICO as a brand that’s premium and modern.

This campaign has positioned TRICO to successfully expand its identity from the company OEMs trust to the brand drivers choose.

Trico banner ad by drive creative
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