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UHI Group

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UHI Group is a low-run production and prototype manufacturer located in Shelby Township, MI. They focus on servicing customers in the automotive, electrical vehicle, and aerospace industries.

inside UHI's manufacturing warehouse


UHI Group was originally known as Ultimate Hydroforming Inc. and strictly manufactured hydroformed parts for Tier 1 automotive brands. Like many manufacturing companies, they evolved over the years to offer a wider range of services for a larger variety of customers. As a result, UHI Group hired Drive Creative to redesign its website and tell the full story of the true value they add to the industry today.

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the true differentiator that UHI offers to the industry

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a responsive website to assist in the companies rebranding

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video and photographic content to better showcase UHI’s capabilities

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industry-specific landing pages to portray specialties within verticals

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We knew that the new website design needed a modern approach to reflect the company’s technical prowess and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Due to increased demand and production in the electrical vehicle market, we wanted to showcase this same progressive spirit with the technologies, processes, innovations, and technologies offered by the UHI Group.

welding a part at UHI

We focused our message on the UHI advantage: they are one of the very few manufacturing shops that can handle the entirety of a project from concepts to prototyping and low-run production. It was our goal to make this message clear as this is extremely appealing to traditional automotive companies and EV start-ups alike.

inpecting parts via detailed imaging

The video we created for UHI took the same line of logic. The music chosen for the background of the video is more resemblant of something you may envision with a newer age pop-culture brand, while still appealing to a wider audience. The footage itself showcased the entirety of UHI’s full capabilities, pointing directly at the target audience. We also shot drone footage of their full-assembly production lines to showcase the size and scope of their multiple facilities.

UHI group production video frame still

Dynamic photography of the facility also helped with updating the brand and taking them outside the realm of a typical manufacturing facility. This was done through two full-day shoots at all 6 of their buildings to ensure we captured the full essence and capabilities of UHI Group.

UHI group prototype part
UHI group website laptop view

The landing pages we created for their main industries they service (automotive and aerospace), took a deep dive into the capabilities they provide for these customers. It was intended that these pages could be shown or sent to prospective customers as a stand-alone page.

In the end, the new UHI Group website achieved the goals of positioning the brand as sophisticated, mature, and innovative. We are currently in the midst of an SEO overhaul for UHI Group to drive them more qualified leads and traffic. We will update this case study periodically as those results come available.

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