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Woodwerds was a local start-up that wanted to achieve an online presence as a lifestyle brand for the millennial adventurer. Their main product line is wooden and bamboo sunglasses, with goals of branching out into additional clothing and other wooden fashion accessories.


The Woodwerds brand operates in the hyper-competitive e-commerce industry. They were concerned that without the right brand and message, their product would get lost in the sea of endless online options. In addition to that, they did not want to ride the “Detroit wave” that was becoming watered down due to oversaturation. They needed a brand that could achieve nationwide reach, while maintaining a personal brand relationship with their audience.


  • Development of a logo that could be easily identifiable across all mediums - web, sunglasses, boxes, t-shirts, etc.
  • Develop an overall brand message and identity.
  • Design a responsive and expandable ecommerce website presence to sell the Woodwerds product lines.
  • Curate lifestyle content through social media to raise brand awareness and build brand relationships within Woodwerds millennial audience.
  • Identify social media influencers to create content and contest’s on the platform.

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Drive Creative Agency has been a great marketing partner for our brand. They have taken a proactive approach in bringing new ideas to the table throughout our entire relationship. They helped us develop our identity and branding and we are very happy with the results.

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In the end, we delivered a logo to Woodwerds in two different applications, both recognizable as one overall brand presence. The full version with the Woodwerds “W” and supporting copy “wearables, dry goods” was designed for retail packaging and web application. The “W” was distinguishable enough to be used as a stand-alone lettermark on their sunglasses and social media outlets.

The brand was focused around the statement “DO MORE”. The story is now developed around this statement was geared at empowering individuals to do the things in life that they have always wanted to do; whether that was founding a tech start-up, going on a 2-month kayaking trip in Colorado, or facing your fear of heights by skydiving. The point is to do more of what you love to do, and do it often.

Our web team went to work on developing an ecommerce environment geared at conversions. Through A/B testing, we found it most effective to place the Woodwerds “featured projects” above the fold on the homepage on the website, and then utilize lifestyle imagery and copy below the fold to tell the “DO MORE” story. We also went through an extensive analysis on traffic flow and shopping cart abandonment, and made adjustments accordingly to increase conversions.

These efforts were supported via social media in curating outdoor lifestyle content that built the overall Instagram following to over 2,000 users in the United States within 2 weeks. A majority of our focus was connecting with micro-influencers in the action sports and fashion community, and running contests on their page to drive direct website traffic and sales to

Brand Development


logo concepts for woodwerds
final logo mockup
woodwerds branded packaging

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