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Zero Hour Parts is a manufacturer of CNC parts for mission-critical time-sensitive projects. Customers choose Zero Hour for the quality they provide, in-house manufacturing, and the expediency in which they can deliver a highly complex product.

With large competitors in the space crowding the market with advertising, Zero Hour parts knew it was time to update their dated website and launch an aggressive digital marketing campaign.

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While Zero Hour Parts offered an in-house superior product to many of their competitors, they were not receiving all of the business they deserved due to a lack of exposure online.

To gain traction, Zero Hour Parts hired Drive Creative to launch a digital marketing campaign for them to increase lead generation and top-of-mind awareness.

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a modern mobile responsive website focused on generating quote requests

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a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to reach potential customers

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the website's content to align with the digital strategy developed by us

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monitor, and manage a Google Ads campaign driving quote requests

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The Zero Hour Parts website launched at a very peculiar time; April of 2020 in the height of COVID-19. Instead of panicking about potential government forced shutdowns and an unknown economy, Zero Hour and Drive Creative saw this as an opportunity to launch an aggressive digital marketing campaign during a time where others may be ending their advertising spends all together.

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During the development of the site, we had been working in the background to set up our SEO and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) campaign. We created a plethora of landing pages for the campaign that matched up with search terms and geographics the keywords we were bidding on and had content created for our link-building efforts for the 3rd party site we would be utilizing.

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We had around a 30-day day ramp-up period during April for some testing and officially launched the campaign on May 10th of 2020. Our search traffic jumped from an average of 15 users per day in April to a staggering 98 users per day in May, a 653% percent increase in search traffic overall.

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