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Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    How Can We Help Your Brand? What Do Our Branding Services Consist Of?

    The first responsibility of every business is to serve its clients and offer some value to their lives. A strong online presence is very important too, but as the number of websites is increasing each day, it’s getting more difficult to establish such a presence. However, you must not confuse your business’s online presence with its credibility. You can have a mediocre website up and running in a few hours, but it takes dedication and months to establish your business’s credibility. Why would you want credibility? Well, according to a report, 59% of all online buyers prefer to buy from a credible source.

    If you have a Southfield based business, continue reading here to find out how your business can benefit from a credible online presence, and how we can help you build one.

    • It all starts with identifying yourself. You should first be asking: “What problems do I solve for my customers?”. The answer to this question will help you reach the next phase in which you can be fully aware of how you are different from your competitors. Once you know all this, you can go ahead and develop the right message for your prospects. While doing so, you need to be as precise and accurate as possible. Also, make sure you are leveraging all the communication channels available to you.
    • For a start-up to be successful, it needs to first build a strong foundation of trust. Once this is in place, you can go ahead and consolidate your business’s presence.
    • Unlike the popular belief that says big companies are too big to fail, the new market trend suggests that small companies, as well as big ones, must try to consolidate their online presence no matter what. This is important because, with time, your brand identity fades. You need to remind your customers who you are and what problems you can solve.

    If you are not communicating your brand identity to your prospects, you might fade away from their memory in time. This is not what you want, do you? While promoting your brand identity, you should be answering the questions of “How”, “Why”, and “What”. Operating as a successful branding company, we are aware of what resources and tactics go into building a credible online presence. We have helped many businesses and now we are offering our services to aspiring companies in Southfield. What we start with is setting a strategic direction for your business, and once we have a sense of direction, we move ahead to focus on your brand positioning. A strong brand identity ensures:

    • The distinction between you and your competitors
    • A connection with your target market segment
    • Your story being told to your audience

    We are an experienced branding company that offers all the essential branding services you would ever need for your business. If you run a company in Southfield, you can benefit from our services too. We believe in collaboration, so we will work side by side with you, to ensure you have a strong brand identity that encourages advocacy, credibility, loyalty, and awareness from your customers.

    Learn About Our Branding Strategy

    Our branding strategy is detail-oriented. Read along to learn more.

    Brand Discovery 

    Every brand discovery process begins by identifying the gaps in the market. Only when you know the needs of your target audience, you can place yourself in the market you’re aiming for. To understand your brand better, we put great effort into understanding the details about your business, your organization goals, and how you plan on achieving these goals. This helps us align your vision with the needs of your target audience. We only proceed after setting a strategic direction for your company, one that answers the “Why”, “How”, and the “What.”

    Competition Analysis

    Even if you have a completely new product, there must be a hundred others who are offering the same solutions to the same target audience. To overcome market saturation, you must understand your competition better. We help you discover the visions and missions of your competitors, and how they’re planning to deliver their solutions to the market they’re targeting. Once you know all this, you become more capable of defeating them.

    Define Your Target Audience

    After you know about your competition, it’s important that you focus on defining your target audience by unearthing information on all its demographic traits. Once you know what background your target market belongs to, you are more capable of framing a promotional message that best caters to them.

    Give yourself a Brand Voice

    Never portray your brand as a faceless entity. Give it a voice. No one likes to interact with a robot when online. If you fail to give your brand a voice, you become a robot. But the right voice that has the ideal tone will help you earn credibility from your customers. We can help develop a suitable voice for your brand. To increase your engagement rate, we will also leverage all the viable and available communication channels at your disposal.

    Brand Messaging 

    How do you communicate with your customers? Do you write page-long descriptions about how you are better than your competitors? You might get a few points from this effort, but no one likes reading lengthy content. Big blog posts might increase your bounce rate instead of decreasing it. You need to be precise and concise in your brand messages. Tell a story that your customers can relate to. We can help you craft engaging brand messaging for your business. For your About Us page, we can craft a brand statement that includes your slogan, mission and vision statements, taglines, and most importantly, your value proposition.

    Connect Your Brand with Your Customers 

    Almost all your potential buyers go through a rigid buying process. Before they make a purchase, they define their needs and look for available solutions. This is a simplified version of what stages your potential buyers go through before buying something. In reality, this process is much more intricate. With years of experience behind, our reputed branding company can help your Southfield based business devise the most effective branding strategy. Your brand identity is bigger than the font or color you decide on. It represents 100% of who you are.

    How Are We Establishing Your Brand’s Identity?

    In the below section, we elaborate on how we’re establishing the brand identity for your Business.

    Brand Name 

    Do you have a brand name? Don’t make the mistake of basing your brand name on something you are a fan of. Always pick one that is catchy, easy to remember, and that helps you connect with your target market segment. At times, your brand name is more important than your USPs.

    Brand Logo 

    After you have decided on a name for your brand, you should move forward to picking up a logo, which should be simple and memorable. The logo should in fact complement your brand name. Our professional team of graphic designers can help you create a logo from scratch. They can also revamp for your old one. We will help you pick a shape for your logo, finalize its color and typography. The final result will surely be something you can take pride in.

    Packaging Design

    How do you deliver your product? It comes with a package, right? Instead of procuring white-labeled packages from a third-party, you should put in the effort to create a custom package that speaks for your brand. Your brand logo and brand name are the basic information pieces that must be displayed on your product’s package. You can go one step further and pick a package color or design that complement your brand.

    Brand Style Guiding 

    If you don’t put effort into your brand style guiding, with time, your brand’s identity will fade away. If you don’t want that, go ahead and use our brand style guiding services for your business based in Southfield. Our ultimate goal is to make your brand easily recognizable. We analyze its purpose, your voice, name, and logo. And after, we pick a suitable identifying system for you.

    Website Design 

    If you don’t have a website yet, you are missing out on a vibrant online community that is increasing in numbers with each day passing. A website helps your customers learn about you and your services from the convenience of their bedrooms. We can help you launch a user-friendly and engaging website for your Southfield business. If you already have a website, we can help you revamp it so that it complements your brand identity and messaging.

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