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We Are a Content Creation Firm Located in Michigan

Founded in 2015, Drive Creative Agency is a Michigan based digital branding firm that specializes in website design and development, SEO, SEM, branding, content creation, video production, and digital strategy. Our strategy is simple; we create compelling digital environments that assist in selling our clients products and services while driving them targeted traffic that matches their ideal demographics.

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    We Create the Content for Your Website

    We are a team of SEO professionals. You can count on us to write creative and unique content for your online business website.

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    Online content marketing is a highly effective marketing tool. Our team of professionals focuses on both the content, as well as on performing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for it. See what services we offer for your Warren business.

    First, let us look at some content marketing facts.

    • Small businesses that run a blog on their site are 126% more likely to get higher lead generation
    • Right after email marketing, we have content marketing as the second most effective lead generation tactic
    • Outbound marketing is a popular strategy for marketing, but it’s 3 times less likely to generate the same amount of leads as content marketing does, which costs 62% less too.

    To draft an effective online growth strategy, you first need an effective content marketing campaign. For your Warren business, we will help you create SEO-Optimized content that attracts the right target audience.

    If you have a business in Warren and you want to build a strong online presence, we can help you write high-quality content for your website. We will take care of all aspects related to content creation. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the content.

    It’s Also About Quality, Not Only Optimization

    A website must represent its business properly. To drive more online sales and engage more prospects, you need to have a user-friendly site that’s also easy-to-understand, SEO-Optimized, and that has genuine content. We have a qualified team of writers. They are skilled at drafting the right content for any website. Here is what they do:

    • We believe in collaboration, that’s why we always listen to your needs first. Even before we start drafting the content for your website, we will put in the time and effort to understand the type of business you’re running. Only after, can we communicate your core value propositions and your purpose.
    • In the first stage, we look into your target audience, your brand image, and all the different services or products you are selling through your website. After we know these different dynamics, we can draft the perfect story for your brand.
    • You must stay one step ahead of your rivals. To help you do so, we make extra efforts to understand your competition.
    • Before writing content, we pick keywords that we use as the center for the remaining content to evolve around. That way we ensure more traffic and conversion from your online business.
    • Throughout the years, we have built the right insight and SEO skills to know what makes content stand out from the crowd and rank high in search engine results.
    • We stay abreast of all new algorithm updates and best-practices of SEO.
    • We thrive to create interesting and engaging content for your website. We aim to help your business highlight its strengths and exploit the untapped potential that it has.
    • You can count on us for urgent writing services. We ensure that we don’t exceed the time frame for completing a blog-post, a web-page, a doc-page, or any other writing project that you have assigned us with. However, while doing so, we don’t compromise on quality.

    Our Content Writing Process

    We have developed knowledge about how the search engines work, and how the internet community responds to certain website content. By leveraging this knowledge, we can help you deliver real value to your customers. Before we start with a writing task, we always make sure to take in input from our clients.

    • Throughout all the stages of the writing task, we make sure to be in touch with our clients, take in their suggestions and pay attention to their requirements. Our collaborators are always in touch with their assigned Content Specialist. They can peek into the progress of our work at any moment, also revisions if they think these are necessary.
    • While working with us, we will help you understand what your prospects want and how they’d like to receive it. We help you draft the most engaging content for your website, content that has the highest engagement. This is possible as we tell a story, we create a persona that your prospects can relate to.
    • Along with writing SEO Optimized content, it is also important to ensure a good tone and phrasing. Whether you want a formal copy or more of a casual tone of a blog post, we can write in any style you are looking for. Moreover, if you need technical, or business-oriented content, don’t worry, we have got you covered.
    • The decision on what goes live on your website always remains with you. You are at liberty to check up on the progress of the content we create for you at any moment. If you have any suggestions, we will incorporate them within the write-up, and only when you are fully satisfied with the work, it will be uploaded on your site.
    We Work with B2B and B2C Brands in Every Space
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