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How to Successfully Rebrand Your Manufacturing Company

When: Wednesday September 22nd  
Time: 12pm - 1pm EST

Hosted By:

Dan Dulka
Co-Founder, Drive Creative
Corey Barkach
Co-Founder, Drive Creative

Is your brand dated? Have new capabilities and services shifted the way you operate and do business? Are you blending in with your competitors instead of standing out?
You’re not alone. When many manufacturing companies opened shop, their brand wasn’t a concern. They wanted to quickly find customers and expedite the delivery of their products.

But as the years go on, your brand becomes more critical in truly owning your core markets. If you’re considering rebranding, this webinar is for you. We will be covering the following topics in this 1-hour long webinar presentation:

  • What is a brand and what are the benefits?
  • Should I rebrand? Is it the right time?
  • How to rebrand your company – the process
  • The positive impacts a rebranding will have

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