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Uber Offers Rides to the Great Barrier Reef

Posted on May 24, 2019 in Marketing

For a limited time only in Australia, Uber patrons will be able to book a ride to the Great Barrier Reef in a Stingray SR-500-1 Aquatic Submarine. The cost of this ride will be $3,000 for two, and includes a pick-up from Uber (we’ll call this a “land Uber”, or more formally known as an automobile) and then a 2 hour ride in a submarine that will take you to the bottom of the ocean floor to spectate the Great Barrier Reef. While this price tag may not be practical for some, it is most certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

ScUber image from Uber

For those of you that can’t afford to lavishly drop 3 grand on a quick submarine ride in Australia, Uber is offering a way to join in on this experience for free. Explain in 25 words or less why you are worthy of this ride, and Uber may choose you as a lucky guest to enjoy a ride in the scUber including round-trip airfare, 5 nights stay in a luxury hotel and more.

Do we expect this is something Uber will offer long-term or in the future? No, it’s just not practical. Uber is built around convenience and safety, getting people from point A to B – not traveling the ocean floor. Uber offering this submarine ride is one thing, and one thing only… pure marketing and PR gold. Our hats are off to the Uber team for not only brainstorming this idea but pulling this stunt off. With current competitors such as Lyft competing for the market share, this is a perfect time to gain positive attention and top-of-mind awareness. We are curious to see how Lyft will respond.

Image credit: Uber

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