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Why Strong Teamwork Within an Agency Is so Crucial

Posted on April 18, 2019 in Agency

We’ve always taken teamwork for granted as a crucial component of a successful ad agency. However, as remote employees become more common and job responsibilities become more siloed, some people are starting to wonder – is it really that important to collaborate? You do your part, I’ll do mine, we’ll put it all together at the end and it’ll work out fine…right?

If you skip collaboration, you will never produce amazing work. Full stop.

Agencies are like any other organization. If you want to put out great work – work that turns heads, work that sells, work that makes you a name – you need to have an amazing team that truly works together.

Let’s dive into some reasons why teamwork is such a necessity at an agency.

Teamwork Supercharges Creativity and Problem-Solving

Strong teams brainstorm together, share insights, workshop pieces with one another, and so forth. Nothing drives creativity like getting a fresh perspective from a co-worker who thinks differently than you do. Teamwork minimizes tunnel vision and keeps new ideas flowing.

Likewise, a good team helps cover each other’s weaknesses. They point out details the author/artist may have overlooked, they share knowledge and tips to help cover gaps, and they offer novel solutions to problems you can’t figure out. Working alone, you may bang your head against alone trying to beat writer’s block or debug a line of code. With a team, a coworker new to the problem can often solve the issue in a matter of minutes.

Collaboration Makes Something Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

As we talked about earlier, it’s entirely possible to work on a project remotely or with little collaboration and piece things together at the end. You can certainly produce decent advertising work in this fashion – but it will always fall short of what you would achieve with tight cooperation.

Working in a siloed fashion risks producing something disjointed and “flat.” It’s likely the individual elements won’t mesh together. For example, the copy may be written with a different vision in mind than the web layout or the graphic design. At best, you will have a passable end product. At worst, the result is a conflicting patchwork of creative assets.

Creative work only “wows” audiences when every single element is perfectly on-point. For that, teamwork is key. Working together from beginning to end ensures you produce a cohesive, synergistic whole. The elements work together in harmony to produce something far greater than the sum of its parts. Furthermore, you reduce the risk of having to rework any particular element because someone wasn’t on the same page.

Strong Teamwork is the Foundation for Strong Morale

The only thing worse than working on a rough project is working on a rough project alone. With a group of true team players, you can remedy a lot of workplace headaches. If someone runs across an unforeseen problem, you can rebalance work loads to make sure no one is falling behind.

Furthermore, even the best professionals will drop the ball sometimes. A good team steps in to pick up the slack, regardless of who is at fault. Knowing your teammates have your back is a great comfort in the workplace. Altogether, a good team fosters a healthy work environment that boosts productivity, creativity, and overall performance.

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