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Why Working With a Small Agency is a Huge Advantage

Posted on July 28, 2017 in Agency

Ad agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but today, we’re talking about the big benefits of working with a boutique agency. Like many things in life, bigger is NOT always better.

Small agencies never say “we’ve always done it this way.”

As the classic saying goes, “This is how we’ve always done it” are the seven most expensive words in business. Especially in a rapidly evolving marketplace where change is the only constant.

Small agencies do NOT take anything for granted. They know they live and die by their successes, by their ability to innovate, to think big. In other words, they’re always looking for a way to do something better, stronger, more effectively, faster, etc.

They’re more authentic and raw, and more likely to have FUN doing the creative work. When you have to rely on your creativity for success, you’re bound to come up with some incredible ideas (and some really bad ones too, but those are the ones that are left on the cutting room floor).

Small agencies have extremely dedicated teams.

Small agencies have ZERO space, time, or money for anyone that’s not working their butt off 110% of the time. When your company has 50, 40, 20 employees or even less, any weak links are painfully apparent — and are resolved quickly. Every single employee must be an all-star.

Beyond their dedication, cooperation is absolutely vital. When your team is small, everyone must work VERY closely and be incredibly focused. Nothing falls between the cracks when everyone is working in the same five rooms, towards the same client goals, because they all know what each client means to them.

With small agencies, EVERY client is a mega-client.

When you only have 20 or so clients, each client potentially has a huge impact on your revenue. Keeping every client satisfied and delivering incredible results is how small agencies survive and thrive.

As a result, every employee at a small agency understands how important it is to go ABOVE AND BEYOND expectations for every single client, every day.

Small agencies have tighter cultures.

The larger your company, the harder it is to control company culture. When a small group of people works closely together, keeping a strong company culture is MUCH more straight forward. That drives employee engagement, inspiration, and creativity.

Employees at small agencies come to work every day believing in what they’re doing, and excited to work for their clients.

Small agencies have a more efficient use of resources.

Small agencies know they must deliver the absolute BEST results on smaller budgets. Thankfully, one of a small agency’s greatest strengths is greater efficiency. There’s less middlemen, less red tape, which means less talking, more doing. Without an excessive bureaucracy in the way, small agencies can move mountains in short periods of time, when needed.

Much of the time, small agencies can better utilize a client’s budget and are able to work on tighter time frames with more agility and flexibility to adjust the quick changes of the client.

Let’s be clear, many large agencies do a great job and can help clients reach their goals. But in today’s business climate, the need for companies to streamline costs and execute strong with smaller boutique agencies can’t be denied.

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