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Custom Design – How Much Impact Does It Have Online?

Posted on January 4, 2017 in Design

We are visual beings. With content and design so readily available, does original creativity really have a large impact on the web user’s experience? How do you quantify the influence of creative design vs. stock images and pre-built website templates?

When you visit a webpage and you have a compulsion to enter your information, click through or make a purchase – How much are you really impacted by the creative elements of your experience?

On one hand you can have vibrant imagery, stoic messaging and flowing design that does make an impact for the brand that can all be purchased quickly and be easily assembled with a drag and a drop. These tools have been created with the illusion of creativity, bought and sold from other peoples work. There may be some intrinsic artistic value to the team or individual selecting these pieces and the process that they use to construct the page, but little original creativity goes into what brings it to life.

From the creativity perspective; when a piece is designed with original messaging, imagery and design, something very different happens. Each asset is viewed differently by the creative individual (or team) that’s designing the piece(s) as it develops. They have a more visceral understanding of what the overall look, feel and taste is for the piece in its end state. Through this process, it allows each piece to work independently as well as becoming more than the sum of it’s parts. This potentially creates something much more unique that can have a large impact on the end user, resulting in a more optimized user experience and increased user based actions.

Some believe that creative design is the interpretation and creation of our culture. I believe this to some extent. Organic design reflects who we are today and resonates differently than something that is pre-made and/or “Frankensteined” together from other creative spare parts.

As long as we continue to evolve socially and culturally, we will always develop design (in one form or another) that is reflective of whom we are. Because this type of creativity is original and progressively moving forward, when done correctly, catches the attention of the end user and helps direct them to take action.

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